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Download a vCISO template & a cyber aware cheat sheet now!

Fractional CISO / Virtual CISO and Security Advisory / InfoSec leadership on demand

Our members have experienced in building and assessing information security programs.

Each of us has a proven track record and have evaluated, and build security programs which includes but limited to cybersecurity solutions. We provide services to SMB's, startups and enterprise level clients.

Fractional CISO - Pay-as-you-go

You can take advantage of our wealth of experience building and operationalizing Security Programs for global organizations to meet their Security objectives in all facets of Information Security to translate into meeting your organizational objectives.

Many SMB companies are seeking InfoSec advisors. Are you interested? Assist organization as a vCISO advisor. Help organizations in information security and compliance program challenges efficiently and cost effectively. Which of these security risks do you want to resolve first?

Download a pdf copy of our vCISO template!

Proven security risk assessment methodology to mitigate more risks in less time. Which of these InfoSec risks do you want to resolve first?

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    With our expertise, DISC can provide tailored solutions that fit your goals to provide an optimal coverage with transparency and defined deliverables to minimize your costs.